ICE is Swift-boated

Maybe it’s just me, but doesn’t it seem that the national broadcast media is treating the Swift Meatpacking Co. with incredible delicacy?? With kid gloves? Over the last couple of days much has been said about the difficulty of screening out illegals with fake i.d’s when doing hiring checks, but Swift hired at least 1282 illegals, and tipped off possibly thousands of others to the coming ICE raid. One thousand two hundred and eighty-two separate instances of breaking the law, and this slaughterhouse gets sympathy from big media??? Flagrant obstruction of a law enforcement action, and they deserve our charitable understanding of their sensitive predicament?

Swift is a corporation and has all the presumptive rights of any other citizen of this country, including a presumption of innocence. But imagine if a single mother of three, say, has been audited by the I.R.S. and determined to have committed 1282 separate instances of tax fraud. Would the media treat her with the deference they are showing Swift? Will the media accord the accused Swift workers, many of whom are the sole support of their families, as much deference as they have the company that profited by their labor?

Maybe I am making too much of this. But let me put it graphically, and let an asterisk represent each of the 1282 workers arrested at Swift:

************************************************************************************ ************************************************************************************ ************************************************************************************ ************************************************************************************ ************************************************************************************ ************************************************************************************ ************************************************************************************ ************************************************************************************ ************************************************************************************ ************************************************************************************ ************************************************************************************ ************************************************************************************ ************************************************************************************ ************************************************************************************ ************************************************************************************ *******

Each asterisk is a working adult, most likely the primary or sole support of a family. Should Swift be ordered to pay reparations to the families each deported worker leaves behind? Or should taxpayers be on the hook for the social services these families will now need?


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