Little Green Onions

Yum! Foods, the corporate owner of Taco Bell restaurants, gets its green onions for its northeast stores from Ready Pac in New Jersey. A Ready Pac spokesman described the normal handling of green onions at their New Jersey plant: (from NYT)

“… the onions are placed on a conveyor belt, where they are washed in a chlorine solution to kill contaminants. He said that workers wear rubber gloves, rubber boots, head coverings and face masks when necessary. “There is no human skin contact allowed,” he said.

The onions are then rinsed with water as they move along the belt and pass through a series of blades that trim the onions to roughly quarter-inch squares for Taco Bell. They are then bathed again in the sanitizing liquid and rinsed with water.”

Get that — they are dunked in bleach 2x by hazmat clothed workers. Who knew little green onions were that dangerous??


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